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At Stirchley we aim to inspire every child to be a musician.  Children have many opportunities to explore and practice music in the curriculum.  They will be composers, as they sing and play a range of instruments in solo and ensemble contexts as well as understand musical notation.  We believe that high quality music education makes an essential contribution to the creativity, culture and mental well-being of our learners. Children will experience and appraise live performances of diverse music from across history, other cultures and from great composers.  We also embrace every opportunity to take part musically in class assemblies and concerts during the year.

Music lessons are taught using a range of resources, including Charanga which is a website provided by the local authority.  Charanga has wonderful guided music lessons that really engage our learners.

Every child has the opportunity to learn the violin as part of whole class teaching in key stage two.  They have ample occasions to demonstrate their violin skills during concerts throughout the year. 


Mrs Hortin

Music Lead