Regular attendance at school is vital to enable your child to achieve their full potential. We are closely monitoring children’s attendance and absences. Punctual arrival at school also ensures that your child does not miss any valuable teaching time. The first part of the school day often begins with Literacy or Numeracy. Late arrivals, even by a few minutes, disrupt this valuable period for your child and other children in the same class.

Percentage Absence Of Pupils Of Compulsory School age


  Target 2015-2016 Target 2016-2017 Target 2017-2018 Target 2018-2019 Target 2019-2020
Attendance 96% 96% 96% 97% 97%

We would like notification of any absences during school time. If you are not able to notify the class teacher in advance, then either a note should be sent in with your child or a telephone call made to explain the absence. This is also required if your child has been away ill. 


Absence From School

The Head Teacher is responsible for authorising absences. Sicknesses, hospital, doctor or dental appointments are all of course legitimate reasons for absence. Absences for holidays during term time will not be authorised by the school in accordance with the Local Authority guidelines.

Children needing to attend dental, doctor or hospital appointments during school time must be collected from and returned to their class by a responsible adult. Parents should sign the visitor’s book each time they come in to school and leave with their child, remembering to sign in again when they bring their child back to school.

If a child is absent from school, a medical note, doctors letter, appointment card or medicine bottle with the child’s name must be presented to the school otherwise it will be classed as an unauthorised absents.


Please click here for guidance on infection control and recommended school absences