Stirchley Primary School

  1. Key Information
  2. Our Vision & Values

Our Vision and Values

At Stirchley Primary School, our vision is to:

  • Enable each child to reach their academic potential and be equipped with the skills to be lifelong learners.
  • Enable each child to develop into a resilient, well rounded, respectful individual.
  • Be a positive member of their local and global community.
  • To be equipped with life skills in order to achieve ambitions and overcome challenges.


We will achieve this vision by creating an ethos which promotes our ACORNS values.  We want our pupils to be:

  • Active-Learners
  • Confident 
  • Open-minded 
  • Responsible 
  • Nurturing
  • Successful 


The oak tree is our school symbol of choice.  We chose the oak as its properties best represent the qualities we cherish.  The oak tree stands tall, broad, sturdy and strong; it takes many years to grow and its stature is all the more incredible upon realising that it begins from a tiny acorn.  The oak is resilient and stands strong due to the firm roots which hold it in place.  At Stirchley Primary School, we teach and demonstrate the core values that we believe every child needs to develop in order to become successful people.



We are life-long learners who:  like to get involved in our learning; think creatively to solve problems; set goals to achieve our personal best.


We are confident communicators who:  communicate effectively our thoughts and feelings in a variety of ways; listen carefully and respond appropriately; feel confident that our views will be listened to respectfully.


We are accepting individuals who:  welcome diversity; are open to new opportunities and challenges; understand the importance of teamwork.


We are accountable citizens who:  take responsibility for our own conduct; care about our school and the people in it; support the needs of others both near and far.


We are compassionate people who:  strive to be kind, thoughtful and caring; care for our bodies and minds; look after, respect and protect the environment.


 We are successful people who:  set ourselves targets and persevere to achieve them.  


Our Diversity Statement

At Stirchley, we are committed to helping you do your best. Our promise is to champion diversity, build an inclusive culture, and do our part to create a more equitable world. We can't promise we'll always get it right, but we'll always put our pupils first.