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School Council

 Our Priority


Our main priority for the year will be to create a Friendship Zone which will be run by our School Councillors twice a week.

The Friendship Zone will be a peaceful and inclusive area where children of all ages can play together and build new relationships.

Watch this space to find out how our idea develops!

We will also continue to complete weekly environment checks which will be announced in Friday's Celebration Assembly. 

Being involved in the School Council encourages the children’s speaking and listening skills, encourages them to debate and discuss as well as make decisions which improve their school. At meetings, the School Council will debate ideas and suggestions made by their class mates and teaching staff.

School Councillors are elected by their peers in the Autumn Term and serve for the academic year. School Council consists of one child from each Year group from Years 1-6.



Have a peak at what happens during our meetings....

Meeting minutes 26th June 2019

Meeting minutes 13th February 2019

Meeting minutes 16th January 2019

Meeting minutes 14th November 2018

Meeting Minutes 24th October 2018

Meeting minutes 3rd October 2018

Meeting minutes 15th November 2017

Meeting minutes 8th November 2017

Meeting minutes 16th October 2017

Meeting minutes 4th October 2017

Meeting minutes 21st June 2017

Meeting minutes 14th June 2017

Meeting minutes 22nd May 2017

Meeting minutes 15th May 2017

Meeting minutes 25th April 2017

Meeting minutes 20th March 2017

Meeting minutes 27th February 2017

Meeting minutes 30th January 2017

Meeting minutes 9th January 2017

Meeting minutes 23rd November 2016

Meeting minutes 7th November 2016

Meeting minutes 19th October 2016

Meeting minutes 17th October 2016

Meeting minutes 26th September 2016

Meeting minutes 11th July 2016

Meeting minutes 27th June 2016

Meeting minutes 25th April 2016

Meeting minutes 13th April 2016

Meeting minutes 24th February 2016

Meeting minutes 3rd February 2016

Meeting minutes 20th January 2016

Meeting minutes 7th December 2015

Meeting minutes 23rd November 2015

Meeting minutes 11th November 2015

Meeting minutes 19th October 2015

Meeting minutes 28th September 2015

Meeting minutes 14th September 2015

Meeting minutes 3rd June 2015

Meeting minutes 11th May 2015

Meeting minutes 15th April 2015

Meeting minutes 25th February 2015

Meeting minutes 4th February 2015

Meeting minutes 12th January 2015

Meeting minutes 7th January 2015

Meeting minutes 12th November 2014

Meeting minutes 5th November 2014