School Development Plan priorities 2018-2019


Our School Development Plan (SDP) is written annually. At Stirchley we look at our data to identify areas of development which may includes new initiatives. This is followed by a discussion with our staff and school governors, where their thoughts and opinions are added. The Senior Leadership Team then collates the information together so we all know what we are working towards.




Leadership Actions

  • To collect, analyse and action data
  • To organise and carry out Pupil Progress Meetings
  • To organise and carry out Learning Walks
  • To monitor the standard of work through book scrutinies
  • Join a teaching alliance affiliated to Warwick University – non-salaried PGCE route
  • To provide CPD for key members of SPS staff
  • Make clear the trust’s vision
  • Develop a clear Governance model for expansion
  • Develop current schemes of delegation for expansion

EYFS Actions

  • To introduce the use of the ‘Achievosaurs’ in EYFS
  • To inform parents about the use of the Characteristics of Effective Learning in EYFS
  • To utilise the ‘Achievosaurs’ within the continuous provision
  • To include the outdoor environment in the continuous provision planning
  • To plan for more visits utilising the local area
  • To organise and resource the outdoor area to ensure it is more accessible to the children
  • To organise termly reading workshops (The Big Book Bash) and invite parents to attend
  • To ensure that under achievers are targeted and specific reading interventions are put in place in order to close gaps
  • To plan and lead a reading information meeting for parents

English Actions

  • Collect, analyse and action data- all staff
  • Pupil Progress Meetings to include the monitoring of GD children
  • Learning walks to focus on the GD children
  • Writing moderation focus on GD children – secure understanding of GD for each year group
  • Scrutiny of pupils’ work
  • Pupil progress proformas handed in half termly to show that it is being used as a working document. New targets to be added on as the previous one is completed
  • English scrutinies (planning, books, T and L walks etc.) to include a sample of pupil progress children
  • JG to share outcomes of English Standards reports with staff

 Mathematics Actions

  • Provide training on and review resources to support the teaching and learning of GD standards
  • Collect, analyse and action data - all staff
  • Pupil Progress Meetings to include the monitoring of GD children
  • Learning walks to focus on the GD children
  • Scrutiny of pupils’ work.
  • Additional Maths interventions – in the afternoon to reinforce rapid recall of number facts for those children identified in PPM
  • Introduce fluent in five in Y3-5
  • To provide opportunities for children to explain their mental processes –modelled regularly by the teacher
  • New Y3 children are shown TT Rockstars and are using on a regular basis
  • Focus on Y3 tables knowledge in preparation for Y4 national test

SEND Actions

  • New provision mapping to be completed - Whole school and class provision
  • Track intervention outcomes using the tracking sheets
  • Intervention learning walks and book/work scrutiny
  • Phonics support session for children who are working below Phase 6 at the end of KS1
  • Daily intervention time for SEND and PP children
  • Research the PSS Toolkit Tracker
  • Complete training for the Toolkit Progress Tracker and updated continuums