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Mathematics at Stirchley Primary School

At Stirchley Primary School, we aim to foster a ‘can do’ attitude towards maths.  

At Stirchley Primary School the teaching of maths is geared towards enabling each child to develop their learning and achieve their full potential. We endeavour to develop the mathematics skills and understanding required for later life.  We aim to develop pupil perseverance and challenge in maths so they are able to express themselves and their ideas using the language of maths with confidence to aim high and aspire to more. We want the children to see mathematics as being relevant to their world and applicable to everyday life as well as being something that they will need as they move on through their school life and, ultimately, to the world of employment.

Children are introduced to new topics by exploring ‘hands-on’ (concrete) before moving to pictorial and abstract levels of questioning.  We follow the Bright-Pi scheme of work.  This curriculum is cyclical, so each time an objective is repeated the children gain a deeper understanding.  We aim for a balance between mathematical fluency (arithmetic), reasoning and problem solving to ensure that our children are able to apply the skills they have learnt in everyday life.  Our teaching of maths ensures that cross-curricular links are made through all strands of the maths curriculum and across subjects.  Children are also given opportunities to apply their mathematical learning during Enterprise projects and maths weeks placed periodically across the academic calendar.  

The aim at Stirchley Primary School is to provide opportunities for children to develop as independent, confident, successful learners with high aspirations and excellent standards and who are able to continue a life-long educational journey. We aim to instill a love of maths learning and a desire to attempt maths problem with an understanding they may fail on the first attempt, but have the resilience to persevere. 

We want our children to leave Stirchley knowing they can to make a positive contribution to their community and the wider society.


Miss Edwards

Maths Lead