Lunchtime and PE Coaching


At Stirchley Primary School we believe that lunchtimes should be fun. During this period our children have lots of different activities to keep them entertained and healthy.

Not only do we have a 'play rich' environment with children who are trained Play Leaders, we also have our very own specialist fully qualified PE teacher on Mondays and Thursdays! The children really enjoy getting involved with all the activities.



PE and Sports Coach Funding 2017-2018


Sports Grant:   £10,360

In house funded:  £8,736

Expenditure: Specialist PE teacher and lunchtime Fitness coach £ 19,096


We consider PE and fitness to be an important part of a child's education, therefore we  subsidised our sports provision in 2016-2017 by an additional £10,096

Outcomes: for 2016-2017

A measurable and sustained improvement in school PE and sport, underpinned by high-quality teaching that increases participation levels in physical activity, and leads to healthier pupils who are more engaged across the whole curriculum.


Stirchley Primary School (Evolve Education Trust) is using their Sport Premium effectively in order to achieve all of the aims. The following outlines how they are doing that and the impact it is having on the children of the school.


The overall knowledge, understanding and quality of PE delivery has increased across the school amongst staff. This is due to regular CPD training sessions led by a qualified PE teacher as well as team taught lessons. Also a PE teacher delivers high quality PE lessons to all children each week.


The introduction of structured, well organised, competitive and assessed PE lessons is covering and surpassing the current national curriculum for all year groups.


It has been documented in school council meetings that children enjoy sports and look forward to their PE lessons, creating positivity around the school.


Regular fitness training have been creating a positive perception of exercise and children really enjoy working hard and improving all aspects of their fitness. Regular fitness testing is used to track and monitor progress as well as been used to identify causes for concern. Interventions have been put in place to give children extra opportunities to develop their fitness. The use of the recently installed outdoor fitness suit has been used to support this.


Children are continuously learning the importance of health and fitness, how to lead an active and healthy lifestyle and the importance of it. This is reinforced by the of display boards discussing PE, sport and health and wellbeing offer visual information for children to see on a daily basis to remind children of these issues.


A wide range of skills and sports taught which are continuously developing generic and sport specific skills. It’s also giving children lots of opportunities to participate and experience different sports.


Rewards presented to children for their excellent performances in PE, as well recognition for their efforts, progress and participation in sport. This has been creating a safe and positive environment for PE. Celebration assemblies are used to showcase the efforts and work produced by children and these can be viewed on the school website.


Identification of gifted and talented children has helped create community links with local sports clubs and teams.


Raised standards in PE.  Now 99% of the children are in their own full PE kit. There has also been an increased attendance and participation of PE lessons.


The delivery of assemblies has further educated children about health and how they can improve their own health through eating the right foods and portion size.


The introduction of inter-house competitions has developed a healthy sense of competition amongst children where they are learning how to win with grace and lose with dignity. This has resulted in competitive sports against partnership schools.


Over 85% of children across the school are making expected levels of progress or higher. Assessment of children’s abilities includes physical skills as well as testing their knowledge and understanding.

A 34% increase in fitness level scores across the school demonstrates the positive impacts PE is having.


37% of children now take part in sport outside of school.


Overall, there are many positive impacts the PE and Sport Premium is having on the school. The current impacts are meeting the aims and purpose of the PE and Sport Premium.




Coach Steve (Specialist PE Teacher) 



What do our children say about our PE and sport's provision?






Our outdoor fitness gym

We know how important keeping fit is at Stirchley. Our curriculum teaches children about healthy eating and our professional sport coaches ensure our children have opportunities for exercise though the PE curriculum and playtime activities.

We have installed an outdoor gym in the playground to allow our children to keep really fit! It has proved to be very popular!