Police School Liaison Officers

I am Sally, your local Police Community Support Officer and I work out of Bournville Police Station. I work with Stirchley Community Primary School and have done so for the past four and a half years now.

I really enjoy working with the children, teachers and parents at school.


I am PC Jill Jackson. I am one of your local police officers from Bournville Neighbourhood Team.

One of my roles is to come into the school and talk to the children.



Security Etching Our Bikes!

Our children worked with the local police to make it easier to identify stolen bicycles. They were able to bring their bikes in to school and have them etched with an identification mark. This will make it easier for any stolen bikes to be identified by the police.

Children in Year One had the opportunity to design a new hat for the police.

Well done to the following winners: Najeefa , Hayden and William