As part of our behaviour management system, we have introduced a ‘Golden Ladder’ in every classroom across key stages 1 and 2, which is linked to ‘Golden Time’.


This is a reward based system, whereby children move up (or down) a colour-coded ladder on display in the class room in order to gain their full ‘Golden Time’.  ‘Golden Time’ is a reward period of half an hour on a Friday afternoon.  The aim of this is to encourage positive behaviour and to reward pupils for this positive behaviour.  Children are encouraged to respond to a uniform set of class rules.  If behaviour is positive, they move up the ladder in steps until they reach the ‘Gold’ zone.  Once here, they have earned their reward.  If children need persistent reminders to follow the rules, they may move down the ladder in stages, resulting in a period of loss of ‘Golden Time’.  Please note that this system is in place purely to reward good behaviour, not academic progress.


At Stirchley, we have high expectations of behaviour and our pupils rise to these expectations!  We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your continuing support with regard to this.