Year Four visit Warwick Castle

On Tuesday 7th June, Year Four went to Warwick Castle. When we arrived, we had a talk about crime and punishment from one of the staff. Two of the class went in the pillory - this form of punishment was designed to humiliate rather than really harm people. They would have rotten food, beer and other such disgusting things thrown at them. After this, we went to see the trebuchet being fired. This is a large siege machine, used to attack enemy castles. They would load the trebuchet with all sorts of things, but we saw them fire a flaming ball - it was amazing!  Later, we saw peacocks displaying their feathers. This was followed by the birds of prey show, which was fantastic. The birds were huge - some had a wing span of 6 ½ feet!  We then visited The Kingmaker exhibit, which was all about life in a medieval castle. Our final activity was climbing the ramparts and up onto Guy’s Tower. There were a lot of steps up a spiral staircase to get to the top, but it was worth it for the fantastic views! All in all, we had a fantastic day as you can see from the photographs!