Year Five Class Curriculum


Class Teacher: Miss Satti

Year 5 Autumn 2 2017



In English this half term, we will be writing explanation texts. We will write an explanation about the lifecycle of a star. Then, we will write explanation texts based on our class text ‘Nightlights’.


We will continue to learn new elements of grammar, with particular emphasis on relative clauses, adverbials and apostrophes.



In Maths this half term we will be doing a lot of problem solving work, using all four operations. We will also be looking at negative numbers in context. In addition to this, we will look at mixed and improper fractions, as well as statistics and graphs.

We will continue to complete Planet Maths on Monday afternoons. 



In Science this half term we will be looking at and testing a range of forces, including gravity, air resistance and water resistance.

In Topic, we will be learning about the Gunpowder Plot and the historical events that led up to it.



Children will be introduced to hockey and begin to develop the skills needed to play the game (grip, dribbling, stopping, passing and shooting). Children will then begin to apply these skills in game situations and finish with an inter-house competition.



Homework will be set every Friday to be handed in the following Friday.

Children are to complete the Homework Bingo sheet for the Gunpowder Plot. Extra maths and English homework will be given out when applicable.