Pen Pals Year Two


Year Two have made some new friends this year! 


We have linked up with a school this term to become pen pals. The school we have made links with is in Kent and it has been so interesting getting to know our new friends, as the area they live in is very different to ours.  Many of our pen pals are very jealous of the fact we live near the chocolate factory, but the children at Stirchley really like the idea of living by the seaside! It has been so interesting finding out and asking questions about their hobbies, friends, family and school.  We are really enjoying receiving and reading the letters but more importantly, we are practising and improving our writing skills too.  Hopefully we will have made lifelong friends during this experience!



Kingsdown & Ringwould C of E Primary School in Kent

Maya to Darcy



Sam to Emily

Stirchley Primary School in Birmingham

Darcy to Maya



Emily to Sam