Stirchley Primary School's Attendance Winners



Every week, Mrs Sanders looks at our school data to find out which class has the highest attendance. The winning class chooses a prize  out of the special 'Goodie Box' and are awarded the above trophy, which is very exciting! Our whole school attendance is also very important as we strive to exceed our target.


2010-2011 Target 94%

Overall attendance for 2010-2011 was 91.18%

2011-2012 Target 94%

Overall attendance for 2011-2012 was 93.07%

2012-2013 Target 95%. 

Overall attendance for 2012-2013 was 94.99%

2013-2014 Target 95%

Overall attendance for 2013-2014 was 95.18%

2014-2015 Target 96%

Overall attendance for 2014-2015 was 95.13%

2015-2016 Target 96%

Overall attendance for 2015-2016 was 95.59%

2016-2017 Target 96%

Overall attendance for 2016-2017 was 95.71%

2017-2018 Target 96%

Overall attendance for 2017-2018 was 95.89%

2017-2018 Target 97%


Attendance Winner:  Friday 8 February 2019 - Year Three with  97.22%



Attendance Afternoon


Autumn  1:    Seasonal Arts & Crafts       Autumn   2:   Seasonal Treat Making

Spring    1:    Movie & Popcorn               Spring      2:   Easter Baskets    

Summer 1:    Traditional Games              Summer  2:   Picnic Afternoon


Every half term, each class's attendance rates are tallied up and the class with the highest percentage is provided with an extra-curricular activity afternoon. Mrs Sanders organises these events - buying materials, setting up the class room  and leading the activity.  Look below to find out who's won the treat.


Easter Baskets

Spring 2 2016:Congratulations once again to year 6 who won the Spring 2 attendance reward.

The whole class celebrated by spending the afternoon making Easter baskets and filling then with a lovely seasonal treats. 


Movie and Popcorn

Spring 1 2016:Congratulations to year six who won the Spring 1 half term attendance reward .The afternoon was spent watching a movie and enjoying popcorn with an extra treat of a chocolate cornflake cake made by Mrs Lane.

Well done year 6.




Seasonal Treat Making

Autumn 2 2015: well done Year 2 - your average attendance rate for this half term was 98.06%. This half terms activity was seasonal treat making, you spent the afternoon decorating seasonal cookies to take home. Well done year 2.

Seasonal Arts & Crafts

Autumn 1 2015:  well done Year 3 - your average attendance rate for this half term was 97.69%.  You took part in a seasonal arts and crafts afternoon, making lanterns, stained-glass rockets, autumn leaves and fireworks.  We hope you enjoyed the afternoon.  Take a look at the photographs below to see Year 3 in art action!