At Stirchley Primary School, we have an assembly every day, whether it be a whole school assembly in the hall or a class assembly in individual classrooms. We always start our school day off with our Stirchley School prayer which we recite together. During our assemblies we have time to reflect, discuss and learn about the Social and Emotional Aspects of Learning such as bullying, setting goals, our values or our feelings. We also celebrate our achievements in school during our Friday assembly, where children are presented with special certificates from their teachers for behaviour or wonderful work they have done. Children who have received a Head Teacher's award for outstanding work also get the recognition they deserve and it is a chance to find out which class has won the attendance certificate.This is also where we put the children in our special values box on the Stirchley Values Tree. Our parents and carers are invited to attend this assembly to support their children.

We are also lucky enough to have lots of guests visit us to teach us new things. Click on the links below to find out about some of the fantastic class and special assemblies we have had recently.