Living Eggs 2014


Year One and Two were very lucky this Spring term as they had some egg-citing visitors for two weeks!

The eggs arrived in a special incubator which kept them warm. We had to keep an eye on the temperature though as it was important that it was just right. A few days later, the first chick started to pip through the egg shell and soon after six more chicks followed! It was so interesting watching the chicks hatch out the eggs in real life and it is something we will never forget! Once the chicks had hatched, we had to make sure they were well looked after. They had to be fed everyday and their water needed to be topped up when it was low. The chicks quickly started to change as they grew feathers and became very playful! We soon realised that we had six roosters and only one hen which we could tell by the colour of their feathers.

It was really sad when it was time for the chicks to be taken back to the farm, although we were very pleased that Finley in Year Two took one of the chicks home to live with his other chickens as we knew it would be well looked after. A big thankyou has to go to Mrs Riddell from all of us, for bringing in some of her fully grown hens to let us look at. They were beautiful and we learnt alot about caring for chickens.

The children learnt so much from this amazing experience and completed some lovely work too, such as diary entries and artwork. The work is on display outside the Year Two classroom if you would like to have a look!

We hope you enjoy our photos!



Here is a video of one of our chicks being born.