Living Eggs 2012

What a wonderful experience Year One and Two have had this Spring!

One day, 12 eggs arrived at our school. We had to keep them in a special incubator to keep them warm and after 3 days one egg started to hatch. We could see the little chick use its egg tooth to break a hole in the hard shell and push its way out. We watched in amazement as ten more little chicks hatched out of their eggs, they were so tired! Everyday for the next 10 days we fed and watered the chicks but we also had to clean out their brooder. A brooder is similar to an incubator but much bigger so the chicks are free to run around.  Once the chicks had grown a little we were allowed to hold them carefully and we also named them but it was hard to tell them apart! Everyday we wrote a special diary documenting what we observed and how the chicks had changed. We did lots of learning around the life cycle of a chicken-it was very interesting! Once the chicks were 2 weeks old, we had to say goodbye to them, which was sad because we had grown attached to our new friends.Although the good news was, that all of the chicks went home with Michael in Year 1. We know Michael will be great at looking after them!