Year One Class Curriculum

Class Teacher: Mrs Priddon



Year 1 Autumn 2 2017



This half term we will be completing lots of work linked to our story ‘The Rabbit Problem’. Our main focus will be instructional writing. We will look at the features of instructions, how to follow instructions to make things (including carrot soup) as well as writing instructions using imperative verbs.

In addition, we will be learning and performing seasonal poems during speaking and listening activities.



Our focus this half term in Maths is addition and subtraction. We will be using a range of practical methods to support our learning. We will also be developing our mental maths skills through the recall of number facts including number bonds to 20, odd and even numbers and multiples of 2.


Towards the end of the half term we will be investigating 2D and 3D shapes as well as understanding different denominations of money.




Our topic this half term is ‘Where do the leaves go in winter?’ which links to our Geography and Science curriculum. This topic will be about seasons and the changes which occur during the winter months. We will finding out about different weather patterns and what animals do to keep warm in the winter.

As part of Music we will be looking at the ‘Four Seasons’ by Vivaldi and creating our own music which captures different weather patterns. This half term will also be full of festive activities with the lead up to Christmas, including card and calendar making in Art.



This half term, the children will develop their hand-eye coordination and develop their throwing and catching skills. They will finish the term with a range of inter-house competitions.



Don’t forget to help your child learn their lines for this years Nativity. We appreciate all the help!

Keep reading regularly at home in order to colour more squares on your Elmer certificate.

Date of upcoming events will be displayed on the KS1 notice board outside the KS1 door.

Children are to complete tasks from their seasons homework lucky dip. Maths homework will also be issued during the half term.


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