Eclipse 2015


All of Stirchley Primary School went outside to witness the rare astronomical event this morning, as the moon cut across the sun at approximately 9.28am.  We witnessed the deepest solar eclipse shadow seen since 1999!  With safety shield, pin hole papers and colanders, pupils looked safely in fascination at this spectacle.  We were very, very fortunate to have clear skies here at Stirchley - many people around the country could not see the event due to cloudy conditions.  Where it could be seen, up to 97% of the sun was blocked by the moon.  Year 6 pupils took the temperature before the event - 10 degrees Celsius, and during the event - the temperature had dropped by a staggering 2 degrees!  It was lovely to see and feel the excitement around the playground.  Take a look at how we have captured this awe-inspiring occasion.   The next deep partial eclipse to be seen in Britain is not until (according to scientists) 12th August 2026 - watch this SPACE!