Forest Schools

During the summer term some of our children  take part in Forest Schools. Once a week they visit Cotteridge Park to take part in outdoor learning. The children have the opportunity to make camp fires, whittle pieces of wood and learn how to build huts. They are really enjoying the experience and it is helping them to work as part of a team.

Week One

This week the children made magic wands. They searched for leaves and flowers and attatched them to a stick with elastic.

Week Two

The children went on a teddy bear hunt and then they used sticks, leaves and flowers to build shelters for their bears. Some of the children worked alone and others worked in pairs. Dan tried to blow them down but couldn't because they were so well made!

Week Three

This week the children used a knife to make tent pegs from a branch. They then used the tent pegs to secure plastic and tarpaulins to create a water tight shelter.

Week Four

The children went back in time and dressed as Vikings! They then collected wood and constructed a Viking long boat. Again team work was so important in this task. After  a “sail” in the boat the children told scary stories about vicious Vikings!!

Week Five

This week the focus was on team building exercises. The children had to share ideas and then work out how to solve the problem. A lot of team work and trust was involved. After passing 4 tasks a treasure map led the children to the hidden  gold! 

Week Six

This week we had a go at archery. We learned how to hold the bow and fire the arrows at the target board. All the children managed to hit the target at least once. Reece even hit the bulls eye or gold! Everybody had the chance to use a long bow made from yew wood. The bow was quite heavy and made the children`s fingers hurt!

Week Seven

The children collected a range of plants such as nettles, pine needles and lavender and then lit a fire to boil water and make tea. Each tea tasted differently depending on the combination of plants. Mrs Griffiths liked the tea made with lots of pine needles best. It was very refreshing!