Week Eight

Wednesday 10th July 2013

It was the final session of Forest School this week and the children ended on a high! Another fire was lit and the children melted choclate over the campfire and dipped bananas into it. They then ate the bananas(well, it would have been rude not to!) After this the children played some games together.


Forest School has been a real success this year and the children have learnt so many important life and teamwork skills. Thank you to all the teachers and helpers involved!

Week Seven

Wednesday 3rd July 2013

The children really enjoyed forest school this week as they got to make outdoor games using natural materials. Then once the games were completed they played them and had a great time! The children especially enjoyed doing the 'limbo' and trying to get through the spiders web without touching it!

Week Six

Wednesday 26th June 2013

This week was another fun week. The children had a go at making a fire and they then made roasted marshmallows on it! They were yummy!

Week 5

Wednesday 19th June 2013

This week at Forest School was very exciting as it was an introduction to fires. The children made hot chocolate and they then played a trading game. The children also used money to buy equipment to set up camp.

Week Four

Wednesday 12th June 2013

Another fun-filled Forest School outdoor session this week! The children made shelters using plastic sheeting and natural tools. They used branches as tent pegs, which the older children sharpened(very carefully!) using knives. They also used logs as hammers to make sure everything was secure. In the end the shelters worked brilliantly, as you can see from our photos!

Week Three

Wednesday 5th June 2013

This week the children made tribal art talking sticks and dream catchers out of branches and different materials. They used a potato peeler to carve too. What a fastastic afternoon!

Week Two

Wednesday 22nd May 2013

Another great Forest School outing this week!

The children explored for wildlife, went on a mini beast hunt and played some tracking games.It was so much fun, especially when Sean found a vole and frightened the life out of Mrs Griffiths!

Week One

Wednesday 15th May 2013

The children really enjoyed their first week at Forest School. They played ice -breaker games and learnt about the special Forest School rules. When the children arrived at the park they had a scavenger hunt and then played hide and seek. What a great start, next Wednesday can't come quick enough!