School Uniform

At Stirchley Primary School, we take great pride in our appearance.



Boys are required to wear a white polo neck shirt with a blue school jumper.  It is very important that either or both of these contain the school logo as a mark of identification when on school trips.  They are also required to wear either black/grey school trousers or black/grey shorts in the summer.  School shoes or black trainers.

Girls are required to wear either a cardigan or a school jumper, along with a smart school polo shirt.  Again, one or the other or both will need to have a school logo. They are allowed to wear either black or grey trousers or a black or grey shirt, with plain tights underneath.  Girls are also required to wear school shoes, with no pronounced heel. Children are not permitted to have patterned or dyed hair (see Uniform Policy), as this is not appropriate for school and should be left for the school holidays.


School uniforms can now be ordered online by using the following link: or (Tesco) 


We have samples of uniform in school should you wish to check for sizing before you order online.

Crew Neck Sweatshirt:

Sizes from 22" to large.  


Cardigan sweatshirt:

Sizes from 24" to large.  


Polo shirt:

Sizes 24" to large. 


School Water Bottle via school office:

First one FREE, £1.50 thereafter. 


School Bag via school office:

School bag printed Logo £2.45


All items of clothing come with an embroidered school logo.